Providing Parking Solutions


Providing Parking Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions



What type of products does SMART PARKING Co. in Saudi Arabia offer?
SMART PARKING Co. provides a variety of parking solutions for the Saudi market, you can have a brief  idea by clicking here.

How long does it take to park and retrieve a car for the SMART PARKING rotary system?

The following are approximate loading and retrieval times of a 16-car SMART PARKING™ system (cars per entry lane per hour):
• ±10 seconds to store a car (after pressing the activation button);
• ±65 seconds to retreive farthest car.

I’m not good at reversing, how do I get my car out of the small parking enclosure in the elevator ACE Parking sysgem when I collect it?
The ACE PARKING™ system was designed to provide a pleasant and relaxing parking experience for the driver, and the car:
When parking in an ACE PARKING™ system there is no need to reverse;
The embedded internal round table automatically rotates the car as it retrieves it. Once in the parking enclosure it will always face forward, ready to be driven out.

What is the construction period for the average 16 car rotary SMART PARKING™ system and the elevator ACE PARKING™ system?

A 70 car Ace tower can be completed in approximately 3 months after work has started on the foundation:
Basic foundation construction:   1 month;
Steel framework installation:      2 month;

A 16 car SMART PARKING can completed in approximately a week after work has started on the foundation:

Basic foundation construction:   2 days;
Steel framework installation:      5 days;

How much floor space is saved if I install an ACE Parking™ system, and the same for the SMART Parking™ system?
A conventional car park of 70 cars ACE Parking™ system requires no more than 46.6 m²  of floor space or a 3 car parking space, that's 2400% increase in the number of parking per unit.

A SMART PARKING™ system parking 16 cars only requires 32.2m² of floor space, or a 2 car parking, that's 800% increase in the number of car parking per unit.

How many SMART PARKING™ units can be accommodated in a ground space of 10 cars?

The above number of ground parking space would accommodate FIVE SMART PARKING™ units, or  80 cars in the place of 10, an 800% increase in space.

Can cars still be retrieved from SMART PARKING™ system in the event of a major breakdown?
Generally speaking, there are no breakdowns. The mechanical components and software are extremely reliable. However, as with any machine, regular maintenance is very important.  
On the other hand, SMART PARKING™ system can be operated automatically, or manually;
First, if the SMART PARKING™ system malfunctions, the cause is established;
If the fault is software-related, control can be regained by switching to compulsory manual mode which allows cars to be retrieved manually. This simple procedure is performed without an operator entering the vehicle storage bay;
If the fault is hardware-related, the SMART PARKING™ system is operated in manual mode and the defective parts are repaired or replaced.
As a reminder, Smart Parking est. offers round the clock maintenance and spare parts throughout the warranty period.

What about backup power in case of a power failure?
An electric generator is recommended in case there are numerous units installed in one area.  Also, backup generators may become necessary in locations where the power supply is irregular.  In either case, Smart Parking Co. provides around the hour service in cases where there is a power shortage.  

What is the expected lifespan of SMART PARKING™ system?

We have witnessed units that were installed in the 70's, it is basically a metal frame with a motor, cleverly designed to carry vehicles and move in rotary motion.  It may remain in service easily for 35 years or more, provided a regular maintenance schedule is adhered to:
Minor service = every 2 months
Major service = once a year
Six inspections per year are executed by us through out the warranty period.